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1. World Religions:
Intro To World Religions
Blank World Religion Chart
Completed World Religion Chart
Blank World Religion Comparison Diagram
World Religion Map
Beliefs of Judaism: Torah
Beliefs of Christianity: Jesus
Beliefs of Islam: Islamic
Beliefs of Hinduism: Karma
Beliefs of Buddhism: Buddha
2. The Medieval Period and the Crusades
Humanism Diagram Blank
Humanism Diagram with Notes
The Turks, Constantinople, and Istanbul
Medieval Church and The Crusades
Timeline to the Renaissance
3. The Renaissance and the Reformations
Renaissance Book Worksheet
The Renaissance - REBIRTH
Renaissance Art Slideshow
Chart for Renaissance Art
Reformation Book Worksheet
Catholic Church Hierarchy and the Beginning of the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther - FUN
John Calvin - POW
Henry VIII - DAD
Reformer Comparison Worksheet
Counter Reformation - SINS
Reformation Review
Reformation Review WS
4. The World Around 1500 AD
Importance of Trade Routes/Cultural Diffusion
Japan Notecard
China Notecard
Mughal Notecard
Ottoman Notecard
Africa (Songhai) Notecard
Holy Roman Empire Notecard
Maya, Inca, Aztec Chart
Review Maps of Europe, World Empires, and Trade Routes
5. The Age of Exploration
Intro to Exploration Worksheet
Reasons for Exploration - (GGG)
Explorer Comprehension Map
Intro to Effect of Exploration Worksheet
Impact of Europeans on the Americas (RACED)
RACED Comprehension Worksheet
Columbian Exchange Worksheet
Columbian Exchange (CROPS)
Triangular Trade & Middle Passage
6. Absolute Monarchs
Absolute Monarchs WS
Cause and Effects of Absolute Monarchs
Absolute Monarchs Chart
Paths to Power
Monarch Comparison
Absolute Monarchs Pictures
7. The Scientific Revolution & The Enlightenment
Scientific Revolution Worksheet
The Scientific Revolution
People of the Scientific Revolution
Scientific Revolution People Pictures
Intro to the Enlightenment Worksheet
Enlightenment Intro Notes
Natural Law v. Scientific Law
Enlightenment People Chart
Enlightened Arguments
Locke v. Hobbes Worksheet
Locke v. Hobbes Chart
Blank Locke v. Hobbes Chart
Other People from the Enlightenment Period
Absolutism, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment People Quotes
8. The Causes of Revolutions
Causes of Revolutions
9. The English Civil War, The Glorious Revolution, and The American Revolution
English Democracy Worksheet
Rise of English Democracy
Handout for Rise of English Democracy
Limits on English Kings
Handout for Limits on English Kings
Case Study: English Civil War
Cromwell and the English Civil War
Glorious Revolution Worksheets I & II
Case Study: American Revolution
America - Influenced by the Enlightenment Slideshow
America - Influenced by the Enlightenment Worksheet
10. The French Revolution, the Congress of Vienna, &
Other Revolutions Impacted by the Enlightenment
French Revolution WS
Case Study: French Revolution
French Revolution Anticipation
French Revolution Anticipation Chart
French Revolution: TERROR
Napoleon Powerpoint: TNT
Comparison of Revolutions review activity
Worksheet on Metternich and Haiti
Congress of Vienna Powerpoint: BACK
Spread of Revolutions WS
Spread of Revolutions
Revolutions Review Chart
11. Unification
Worksheet on Unifications
Italy: ONE
Germany: BIG
12. The Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, and Socialism
Intro to Industrial Revolution Book WS
Intro to Industrial Revolution Flow Chart
Industrial Revolution Intro Terms
I.N.D.U.S.T.R.Y. - The Impact of the IR
INDUSTRY Comprehension Worksheet
Hearing on Women in Factories
Questions for Hearing on Women in Factories/Labor Unions
Labor Unions
Capitalism v. Socialism  Comparison Chart
C.H.A.N.G.E.S. - Social Effects of the IR
CHANGES Comprehension Worksheet
13. Imperialism
Intro to Imperialism WS
Intro to Imperialism - MAIN
Japan Industrializes
Imperialism Map Handout
Imperialism around the World
Which Place?
Blank Chart for Imperialism Review
Completed Chart for Imperialism Review
14. World War I & Russian Revolution
Intro to WWI WS
Europe 1914 Map
People of WWI
Causes of WWI - IM A DUNCE
IM A DUNCE Comprehension Activity
The US Enters WWI
The Russian Revolution WS
Causes of the Russian Revolution - JAIL
French Revolution v. Russian Revolution Blank Chart
French Revolution v. Russian Revolution Completed Chart
Treaty of Versailles Skit
Treaty of Versailles Skit Questions/Answers
Europe After WWI Map
Did WWI Make Your Country Happy or Mad?
15. Between the Wars
Depression Worksheet
Causes of the Depression - CRASH
1920s v. 1930s
Hitler Notecard
Stalin Notecard
Mussolini Notecard
Tojo Notecard
Dictator Comparison Chart
16. World War II, the Recovery of Germany and Japan, and the Holocaust
Intro to WWII WS
People of WWII
WWII People Chart
Causes of WWII Part I - AGGRE
Causes of WWII Part II - SSION
AGGRESSION Comprehension
Events from the Industrial Revolution to WWII to put in order
Battles & Events of WWII WS (Blank)
Battles & Events of WWII WS (Complete)
Atomic Bomb WS
Atomic Bomb Facts
Atomic Bomb Chart (Blank)
Atomic Bomb Chart (Complete)
Reconstruction of Germany & Japan - MAGIC
Comparison of Treaty of Versailles to MAGIC
Causes of Holocaust - HATRED
Chart of Holocaust and other Genocides
17. Cold War
Intro to the Cold War WS
The End of WWII and the Beginning of the Cold War Narrative
The End of WWII and the Beginning of the Cold War Narrative WS
The Cold War
Cold War Wars
Cold War Wars Worksheet
The End of the Cold War - WARMER
WARMER Comprehension WS
Cold War Review Questions
What Would the US Do?
18. Primary and Secondary Sources
Handout for Sources notes
19. The Modern World
Africa: 1945-present
Developed v. Developing Countries
Chart for Developed v. Developing
World Organizations
20. SOL Review
All SOL Acronyms
SOL Maps
SOL Review of People
Religion Review Chart
India Review WS
India Review with answers
Germany Review WS
Germany Review WS with Answers
Africa Review WS
Africa Review WS with Answers
Latin America Review WS
Latin America Review WS with answers
Israel Review WS
Israel Review WS with answers
France Review WS
France Review WS with answers
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