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English 9 Exam - Spring 2001
Grammar - The section contains the actual sentences on the exam.  Some are punctuated correctly, and some are not.  You will need to know how to punctuate these sentences correctly on the exam.
The rules that appear below are not required on the exam.  They are presented here to help students understand how to punctuate the sentences.
1.  Before, writing Tom brainstormed for 15 minutes.

                Before writing, Tom brainstormed for 15 minutes.

                Rule:  Use commas to avoid misreading.
2.  A.J.’s favorite poem is Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance from the novel Shoeless Joe.

                A.J.’s favorite poem is "Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance" from the novel Shoeless Joe.

                Rule:  Use quotation marks around the titles of short works like poems, short stories,
                            chapters, and magazine articles.

                Rule:  Underline the titles of long works like books, newspapers, magazines, and movies.

3.  Keisha said, “My favorite class is English!”

                Correct as written
4.  Bravos, yellow sheets, do nows, and agenda checks - all are a part of the Freshman

                Correct as written

                Rule:  Use commas between items in a series.
                Rule:  Use dashes to point backward (remember the list must be an elaboration).

5.  You will need these items for your exam review:  Old tests, Cornell notes, and on-line

                You will need these items for your exam review:  old tests, Cornell notes, and on-line

                Rule:  Use colons to point ahead (remember the list must be an elaboration).
                Explanation:  The O in old should not be capitalized because it does not begin
                                    a full sentence.
6.  Amy watched TV the night before the exam, but Kari studied her Eric Fromm notes.

                Correct as written

                Rule:  Use a comma and a coordinate conjunction to join two independent clauses
                            to form a compound sentence
7.  After she finished her exam Ashley talked to Brei.

                After she finished her exam, Ashley talked to Brei.

                Rule:  Use a comma after an introductory dependent clause.
8.  With no regard for her personal safety Jesse dove into the water.

                With no regard for her personal safety, Jesse dove into the water.

                Rule:  Use a comma after a long introductory phrase.
9.  Jesse Averill who played lacrosse this year is planning to play softball this summer.

                Jesse Averill, who played lacrosse this year, is planning to play softball this summer.

                Rule:  Use commas to set off a non-restrictive adjective clause.
10.  Justin of course read every page of the novel Shoeless Joe.

                Justin, of course, read every page of the novel Shoeless Joe.

                Rule:  Use commas to set off parenthetical elements

                Rule:  Underline the titles of long works.

11.  Josh was born March 31, 1986 at Lewis-Gale Hospital.

                Josh was born March 31, 1986, at Lewis-Gale Hospital.

                Rule:  Use commas with dates (between day and year and after date if more sentence
12.  Chris sent his form to Mr. John Hall 400 Spartan Drive Salem, VA 24153.

                Chris sent his form to Mr. John Hall, 400 Spartan Drive, Salem, VA 24153.

                Rule:  Use commas with addresses (put the comma where each line on an envelope
                            address would be.  Also, use a comma between the city and state, but do not
                            use a comma between the state and zip).

13.  Anthony bought hot crispy french fries with his lunch.

                Anthony bought hot, crispy french fries with his lunch.

                Rule:  Use commas between coordinate adjectives.

                Rule:  Do not use a comma in front of a common usage.
14.  Valerie I want you to stop disrupting class.

                Valerie, I want you to stop disrupting class.

                Rule:  Use commas to set off a noun of direct address.
15.  Alli and Bubba went to a concert and listened to country music.

                Correct as written

                No comma because this sentence has only one clause.  There is a verb to the
                right of the coordinate conjunction, but there is no subject.  It is to the right.
                Again, this sentence has one subject and two verbs; therefore, there is one clause.
Romeo and Juliet - Most of these answers require the student to identify a characterisitic of Shakespearean drama or a literary device.
1.  Shakespeare’s plays begin in the middle of the action.  For example,  Romeo and
Juliet begins with a brawl between the Montagues and the  Capulets.  This device is

        in medias res
2.  Something that is out of place in time, like a gun in Romeo and Juliet is called

3.  The nurse in  Romeo and Juliet is a minor character whose purpose is to intensify a
 quality of a major character by contrast.  She is intended to make Juliet look more
 beautiful.  Therefore, she serves as a(n)

4.  A seeming contradiction that on closer inspection proves to be true like “sick health,”
“ cold  cold fire,” or “feather of lead” is called


5.  A play on words like collier, choler, and collar is called


6.  Friar Laurence compared flowers to human nature saying that both have the potential
for  for good and evil.  One person talking alone on stage in this manner lets the
audience  know  what the character is thinking. This device is called


7.  Sometimes the audience knows things that the character does not.  Consequently, the
 audience may understand something the character says more deeply or differently
than the character does.  That happened when Lady Capulet demanded the death of Romeo
 and, unknowingly, her own daughter.  This device is called

        dramatic irony

8.  Romeo had a feeling that the events that would lead to his death would begin at the
 Capulet’s party.  This indication of something to come, usually bad is called

9.  A comparison like “It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” is called


10.  As Romeo prepares to leave after their wedding night, Juliet asks Romeo if he thinks
 they will ever see each other again.  We know they will not, so this scene makes
the audience feel sympathy for the characters.  The term that describes this device is


11.  “More light and light - more dark and dark our woes.”   This quote is an example of

12.  “These violent delights have violent ends” is said by
        Friar Laurence

13.   “I have no joy of this contract tonight/It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden/
 Too like the lightening which doth cease to be/ Ere one can say ‘It lightens.’ ”
This quote contains which of the following:

14.  The last two lines of the play constitute an heroic couplet.  They are “For never
 was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”  Who said it?


15.  When Romeo sees Juliet in the tomb, he says, “...O my love! my wife!/Death,
 that hath sucked the honey of thy breath,/Hath had no power yet upon thy
 beauty.”  This quote is an example of

        dramatic irony

1.  An on-line index of magazine articles (this resource includes the articles)

2.  Another name for academic cheating is

 Identify where the following items belong on a notecard
    3.  card number
            upper right
    4.  Bib and page #

            bottom middle

     5.  stack name

            top left

6.  The three types of information on a bibliography card should be in this order:

            author, title, publication information

The next few questions will refer to the follow Works Cited Entries:
Life and Times of a High School Athlete.  Dir. Kathy Boothe.  Perf.  Ben Motley, Kady
            Franklin, Adam Gerrol, Dusty Phillips, and A.J. Haynes.  Frosh Productions, 2001.
Potter, Vanessa.  “How to Be the Best Student in the World.”  The Freshman Magazine
             3 June 2001:  43.
For questions 7 and 8, write the parenthetical documentation in correct form.  Question 7 comes from the second entry above while 8 comes from the first entry above.

7.   Kevin Campbell said, “The way to achieve your dreams is to never quit.”

                Kevin Campbell said, “The way to achieve your dreams is
                            to never quit.” (qtd. in Potter 43)
8.  High School athletes must be aware of the image they project.

                 High School athletes must be aware of the image they project. (Life and Times n.p.)
9.  Which of the following should be in the upper right hand corner of each page.

                Last name and page number
10.  In a paper written in MLA style, the following things should be double spaced

11.  A bibliography card for a book should include the following publication information:

                city, publishing company, date
12.  A bibliography card for a magazine ends with a colon and a number.  The number is

                the page number.
13.  The biggest mistake a student can make while working on notecards for a documented
        paper is

                failing to write down the bib. number and the page number.
14.  What big mistake do students often make is in selecting a topic.

                Students often select a topic on which they cannot find all the required sources.
15.  In the following works cited entry which is the title of the article?

                "Success at SHS"
Knickerbocker, Anthony.  “Success at SHS.”  Strategies for Goal Setting.  Eds. Trapper
            Early  and Josh Repass.  Salem:  Freshman Publishing Co., 1994.  11-15.

Shoeless Joe

1.  Identify a character who was used to say something about faith

        Eddie Scissons
2.  Identify a character who showed characteristics of a hero

        Doc Graham
3.  Which two characters are most associated with the theme concerning choices
        Ray and Richard

4.  Who symbolized Moses

        Eddie Scissons

5.  In Field of Dreams, when Ray asked his father   “Is there a heaven?” what was the

        "Oh, yes.  It's the place where dreams come true."
6.   When Ray said to Joe, “It was you,” Joe said
            "No, it was you, Ray."

7.  The one person in Annie’s family, besides Annie, who was not a hypocrite was

            her father.

8.  Three things Ray had to do to make his dreams come true include

            work, wait, and serve

9.  The last message (heard on loudspeaker at the Twins stadium) concerned which

            Eddie Scissons

10.  Which of the following concerns a major them of Shoeless Joe.
            faith, service, choices

The exam will end with an impromptu writing.  The writing will be graded according to the rubric used for the SOL Writing Test.  The three areas included are written expression, composing and mechanics/usage.  I will add further information about each of these domains.

The following is the description used to tell graders what a top level writing should be like:

Written Expression:
The writer demonstrates consistent, though not necessarily perfect, control of the written expression domain's features.  The result is a purposefully crafted message that the reader remembers, primarily because its precise information and vocabulary resonate as images in the readers's mind.  Highly specific word choice and information also create a purposeful tone in the writing and enhance the writer's voice.  If metaphors, similes, personification, or other examples of figurative language are present, they are appropriate to the purpose of the piece.  The writer repeats or varies sentence construction for effect and appropriately subordinates ideas and embeds modifiers on a regular basis, resulting in a rhythmic flow throughout the piece.

The writer demonstrates consistent, though not necessarily perfect, control of the domain's features of usage/mechanics.  The writing demonstates a thorough understanding of usage and mechanics as specified in the Virginia K-11 SOLs.  The author uses capitalization, punctuation, usage, and sentence formation and applies the structural principles of spelling.  A few errors in usage and mechanics may be present.  However, the writer's control of the domain's many features is too strong for these mistakes to detract from the performance.

The writer demonstrates consistent, though not necessarily perfect, control of the composing domain's features.  The piece is generally unified in that all of the parts contribute to the creation of a dominant impression or idea.  The sharply focused central idea is fully, but not exhaustively, elaborated with key examples, illustrations, reasons, events, or details.  In all successful responses, layers of elaboration are present.  Surface signals, like transitions, logically connect their respective statements into the whole of the paper.  In all types of writing, a strong organizational plan is apparent.  Any minor organizational lapses that occur do not significantly detract form the presentation.  The writing provides evidence of unity by exhibiting a consistent point of view (e.g. not switching from "I" to "you"); a lack of digressions; appropriate transtitions, both within paragraphs and across the entire piece; the presence of careful logic; and a strong lead and closure.

Please remember that the descriptions above describe the top level of writing according to SOL standards.  Writings that reach a lower standard can also result in a passing grade on the SOL Writing test, so do not become discouraged.  Also remember that ninth grade students have two more years to improve to this standard.