`Predicate Adjectives and Predicate Nominatives
Predicate Nominatives and Predicate Adjectives answer the same question that 
        Direct Objects answer: 

        Subject + verb + whom or what? 
         Josh(s) is(v) a friend(pn) to all. 

        Sierra(s) is(v) really good(pa) at English.

First Period
 The difference between a p.a. and a p.n. versus a direct object is the linking verb.
        P.A.'s and P.N.'s follow linking verbs while D.O.'s follow action verbs.

        The difference between a P.A. and a P.N. is a P.A. is an adjective and a P.N. is a noun or
A Predicate Adjective describes. 
                The hat is pretty. 
        A Predicate Nominative renames. 
                My friend is the captain. 

        Actions verbs: 
        Dad(s) bought(v) me(i.o.) a fishing  

        Linking verbs: 
        John(s) is(v) very helpful(p.a.). 

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