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Keep in mind that all SOL Reviews from class are linked in Google Apps with the KEYS!!!

Virginia DOE World Geography SOLs - good to identify the exact information on the SOL test

Virginia DOE World Geography Released Practice Test - good practice, but remember these are "bad" questions that have been released.  Gives a good idea of the format of the test though.

Practice Quizzes & Games on Mrs. Painter's Quia site - covers many early topics in World Geography.

SOL Reviews created by C. Walton, Harrisonburg Public Schools

                    Practice Test #1

                    Practice Test #2

                    Landform Review

                    European Landmarks Review


Mrs. People's World Geography Site - nice links for each region and theme in World Geography

Mr. Hutchinson's World Geography Site - has worksheets and notes for each section of the course. Nice if you want to review one area in which you feel weak.

Mr. Hostetter's World Geography Review Page - nice links for each region with notes, worksheets, and tests. Also, has nice review packet (many pages - do not print) and vocabulary.

Regional Studies Reviews created by Mr. Hodges are available in the form of the Millionaires Game on his website.

Mrs. E. Joyce's SOL review using powerpoints - good to review information from each region and theme

Practice Quizzes - One

Great Site to learn about each SOL and review the vocabulary

SOL 10.1

SOL 10.2

SOL 10.3

SOL 10.4

SOL 10.5

SOL 10.6

SOL 10.7

SOL10. 8

SOL 10.9

SOL 10.10

SOL 10.11

SOL 10.12

SOL 10.13

SOL 10.14

SOL 10.15


Courtesy of Mrs. E. Joyce